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Planned Preventative Maintenance

It’s extremely important that your catering operation and kitchen is working efficiently and safely around the clock. By taking advantage of one of our cost effective planned preventative maintenance contracts you ensure peace of mind, minimized risk of kitchen downtime and appliance efficiency. The old saying is true, prevention is cheaper than the cure, reduce the risk of equipment breakdown.

What can we do for you?

  • Improve equipment efficiency & save on energy and running costs
  • Identify any potential component failures and minimize likely-hood of unit failure and future downtime/loss of revenue.
  • Ensures your equipment and premises comply with important Health & Safety requirements such as the Gas Safety Regulations (i.e. no gas leaks).
  • Provides you with a detailed condition report identifying any items of equipment that may need replacing or refurbishing, which you can use for future budgeting helping you to forward plan the needs of the business.
  • Identify any operational bad practices which could damage the equipment or invalidate the warranty. These can usually be addressed by some simple site training.
  • Check ventilation systems are; working efficiently, being adequately maintained & there is no risk of dangerous fumes in the kitchen (for example).
  • Helps to ensure that staff operatives are buying into cleaning/maintenance regimes, avoiding the cost of unnecessary component failures.
  • Check to ensure that the manufacturers maintenance guidelines are being implemented, avoiding chargeable warrant calls.
  • Highlights any apparent risks with regards to general operation of the kitchen and the preparation and serving of food.
  • Proven to extend the lifetime of the equipment protecting the return on your investment.